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Architectural Control Committee (ACC)

The ACC Committee was formed to ensure that ANY modification(s) or improvement(s) done on your property follow the deed restrictions for that section of the community.  

Please be sure when submitting your application to Debbie at IMC, you submit with a copy of your survey/plat map of your home (obtained at title) with the improvements or modifications drawn to scale; as well as any permits, samples of materials and/or pictures of what you are trying to accomplish.  Failure to include these documents will result in your application being returned to you, incomplete.  

ACC Applications and Guidelines

Please remember to call the City's Permit department (936-522-3610) and verify if you need a permit or not for your project.  Surprisingly several items require a permit so it's always best to call and ask.    

The ACC Committee consists of three members who are voted in at each Annual Meeting. 

Your 2022-23 ACC Committee is:
Liz Allen - ACC Chairman 
Jim Hensley
Jim Bob Adams
Beautification Committee & Community Events

The Beautification Committee is dedicated to making our community more attractive and fostering lasting relationships among neighbors through seasonal community events.  The committee is always looking for new faces so if you would like to volunteer, please email Debbie at IMC.

The Beautification Committee organizes and promotes different holiday events like the Halloween Social and Costume Parade that's a fun way to get out and meet your neighbors! Please visit the Teas Lakes POA Neighbors page through the Facebook link on the home page. 
Yard of the Quarter

Each quarter (Spring, Summer and Fall) each owner has the chance to win "Yard of the Quarter".  The Committee takes a picture of the best looking home and yard in each section which is then posted on the community's FaceBook page for each of the owners to be able to "vote" with the number of likes received.  The winner is then rewarded with a sign to display in their yard and a prize.  
Winter is by far the BEST! The Committee changes it up a bit and does a "Light the Lakes" holiday décor contest in which an owner can win another prize and boasting rights for the next year!